The advantage of Folding Door | How to choose Bi-folding door

May. 21, 2022

When we are designing our house,the opening way for each entrance are becoming more and more important. 

Reasonable and healthy opening style will be helpful and good for our future life. 

Like the opening way for patio door, most of house owners will choose the swing door.

It will be wise for their selections, but it’s more suitable for the single door, when the doorway large than normal,they have to made more or single big panel which opening will becoming a heavy job.

Sliding doors seem to be a good choice, great view and easy slid to open. There have a point we need to know that one of sliding panel will occupy a half of opening space.So we have to accept the panel: one fixed and one open, which means that the space for passage reduced by half.

When moving large furniture or equipment into the house, we have to dismantle the panel to pass.


Is there a door that doesn't obstruct passage and opens the maximum?

There is no doubt that such a door exists!

Today, let's talk about the door which can become the space controller for most homeowners - folding door.



What is a folding door?


The same as its name, folding doors, a door that can be slid and folded.

Each door is connected by high quality hinges, and the door can be extended and retracted through the top and ground tracks to achieve opening and closing.



What are the advantages of folding doors?


1Save space


In the larger passages, as we said before,swing door relatively large, open it will be very inconvenient and take up a certain of space in the room. When the sliding door is fully opened, it will occupy half of the entrance, hindering the daily come in or out and moving items.


Folding doors can handle this problem perfectly. No matter how big the opening is, when the door leaf is pushed to one side, the space occupied is only the thickness of the door leaf.


2Planning space

Folding doors have flexible capabilities to planning interior space.

When opening, by folding the panels and sliding it to one side, the door can be achieved 180°large opening, so that the two adjacent spaces become a whole. At this time, the space is expanded to the maximum, and it brings us more air circulation and Sunlight; 

when closed, the folded door leaves are straightened, isolating and expanding into two separate spaces.





3、Excellent performance

The selection of high-quality hardware imported from Germany, 

the folding door has excellent thermal insulation and sealing performance, 

which isolate heat and humidity effectively, while preventing the spread of fumes, reduce noise. 

Aluminum alloy material provides it excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics.




4Strong applicability


The range of use of folding doors is wide, and basically every space can be well applied:


(1) high-end villas: open space combined with folding doors,bringing an excellent living experience.




(2)Budget hotels: In the limited room space, folding doors plan the room layout effectively.

Bringing a high quality living experience to clients.


(3) outdoor sunroom: in outdoor private space, that folding door is the most suitable choice, excellent waterproof performance with sufficient sunlight exposure, don’t have to worry about rainstorm and the scorching sun.



(4) Public places: office areas and product display areas in shopping malls.


From space solutions to customized comfortable life, 

Skyland windows and doors always focus on the real needs of users, 

the style of folding doors can be customized in accordance with the aesthetic needs of the homeowner.


Introduced so many advantages of folding doors, then how can we purchase a high-quality aluminum folding doors?


1, check the surface of the profile


Good quality of aluminum with the flat surface and without concave or convex.


We can observe painting of the profile, high-quality aluminum color should be uniform and without chromatic aberration. And then touching the details of profile(Frame, panel,corner)bring the soft and delicate feeling .


2, Sliding the door should be flexible


Through sliding the panel to test the quality.

When Opening or Closing the panel, if push the door too heavy is not good for daily using. Too light means the low security and tightness level.



3,Glass opinion

Skyland Bi-folding door and window all use 3C certification of tempered glass, and offer different glass opinion to achieve the u-factor and SGHC by customer.


4,Good quality Hardware


The hanging wheel and hinge are the particularly important hardware in folding door, Skyland apply the Germany imported hardware to ensure the daily using for customer.








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